Return of the Print

Paper back


Print is making a come back.
Why? No one really knows for sure. But in a world where marketing means standing out from the crowd, the over saturation of digital channels could be a contributing factor. At the end of the day, nothing beats something you can hold in your hand, right?


The drive to be sustainable


This trend has put the Bear at a bit of a crossroads.
Recently, we’ve been asking ourselves the searching questions about how we want to be known – how we will stand out from the crowd. We claim to be creative, but what does that actually mean? Put simply, it’s solving a problem in a new or better way. There is no end point to this venture, it is a constant learning curve.
So when we asked ourselves, at the tender age of two years old as a company, what do we want to be known for, we said:
1. Great design.
2. Easy to work with.
3. As sustainable as possible.

And it is this last point that we have had the most difficulty with. As a design agency, it almost seems like something we shouldn’t consider. Not really our problem.

Well, we would argue it’s something that should be on every company’s agenda. And that’s why it’s become our priority.
So when it comes to tackling the issue of printed works, we have our processes and talent to cover the first two points, but printing surely can’t be sustainable? Well, that’s where we’ve made a start.


The bear hunt


So, our Chief Bear, Chris Rushbrooke, went on a bear hunt to find the most sustainable print supplier he could find. And boy there are a lot of print companies out there! But we did our research and created a shopping list of things we wanted to consider. Some of the things we were evaluating included where the paper came from, how the material is processed, what kind of machines are used, even the type of ink.

And finally, we found one ‘that was just right’. In fact, it exceeded our expectations. Everything from how the paper is sourced, through to the packaging and delivery process had been thought through to be as sustainable as possible.

Our print partner;

o Uses ONLY 100% recycled paper
o Has a Zero landfill policy
o Is Forest Stewardship Council accredited
o And Woodland Trust Carbon Capture Scheme affiliated
o They support the ‘Printers Against Plastic Campaign
o Use only vegetable based inks
o Have the greenest presses available on the market
o Use absolutely NO plastic packaging


Collaboration & customers

We’re delighted to be able to offer our customers a truly sustainable option for their print requirements. And it’s because of collaborations between companies, like Northern Bear and our print suppliers, that we are able to go that extra mile. After all the work we create has a legacy even after we finish a project.

If you’d like to know about our drive to be more sustainable or even have suggestions about how we can do better, please get in touch.

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