The best EVER Brand partnership!


This is THE best brand partnership of all time!

Iceland x Frozen 2

Too often brands lump a film title on their packaging and offer some spurious connection to the franchise and i get it, it’s hard to find a film that genuinely marries with your brand or proposition.

As i was watching the TV spot, I was initially annoyed to be seeing a Christmas ad in what was the first week of November (inevitable thought that may be). Then I was a little confused when i saw the Frozen gang taking over from little Billy playing charades and then conjuring a table to eat their Christmas dinner from.

As we switched back to the ‘real world’ we saw a classic Christmas spread, synonymous with Iceland TV spots of yore.

I almost stood and applauded when I FINALLY twigged. Iceland x Frozen 2 – what a superb partnership.

I did GENUINELY applaud when Iceland rolled out that PERFECT line;

‘Discover the magic of Frozen’ 

(which i must have missed at the very start of the ad).

It works on so many different levels. Now you’ve seen it, It’s SO obvious, but whoever made this happen really does need a massive pat on the back, a promotion and a significant pay rise – its sublime.

I challenge anyone to share a better use of brand partnerships – answers on a post card!


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