Hello, Hello Koala

It’s Live!


Avoiding all the usual space-based launch puns, Hello Koala finally launched last week.



A project that was only really conceived towards the end of summer, it has become a collective output for our love of sustainability, charities and great design. We were super ambitious and have learned a lot. We wanted to share the success, and the lessons with you. 

In a nutshell, Hello Koala is a sustainable product shop. And we say sustainable, oh boy, do we mean sustainable…

Not only are all the products and packaging from recycled, compatible stock, but our model even examines how we make the entity sustainable in its own right. This means supporting up and coming designers, with upfront fees for their work and commission on the sales. It’s also about trying to educate and support sustainable causes – those already doing great work. That’s why 10% of profits get donated to a sustainability charity. 

Climate fightback day


Perhaps you can relate, if you’ve ever tried to kick off a passion project of your own. As Hello Koala is our baby, and not a client, it’s not really been treated as a priority. Other agencies might be able to think of a project or initiative that was business critical, but didn’t happen for six months because clients just wanted to give them loads of work (the nerve!). However, with our sustainability agenda in place, we were always aware of the fast approaching ‘Climate Fightback Day’ initiative, led by the Woodland Trust. Their aim was to encourage people to plant a million trees to help fight climate change. Simple, effective, commendable. 

Last week, we saw the date in the diary. And it gave us something to aim for and we went for it. And in the space of a week we went from having no product to having product, no website to a working website, and a competition to boot to align with the Woodland Trust’s day. 



This competition would give out a free poster to the first 25 people that sent in a photo of them planting their tree. What a fabulous idea. Rewards people for doing good and helping save the planet. 

Did we get any submissions? No. Why? In short – because we left it too late to promote.

But we did get our first order. And let me tell you, that was a good feeling. In fact, we got few. That felt even better. 

Whilst we would like to have seen more traction with the competition, we still managed to achieve something far in excess of where we were at the start of the week. Setting our expectations higher than achievable didn’t leave us with a sense of disappointment. In fact it was quite the opposite. We managed to galvanise the team in such a way that we made some real progress in short space of time, and that is always something to be proud of. To quote Kanye ‘the Koala’ West, “Shoot for the stars, so if you fall you land on a cloud.” What we now have is a platform to build on. Again, it’s a stronger place than where we were.



And even you can get involved in the future of Hello Koala right now. If you you’re an inspiring designer, drop us a line. If you’re a fan of what we do, give us a like on our social channels. And if you want to have a say, you can vote on which theme we do next. Here’s your choices:


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