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Ok, here goes. 

If the following paragraphs don’t apply to you, then we’ve added a button at the bottom of the page that will allow you to unsubscribe from receiving our mail shot.

BUT before you skip to the end, give me your attention for, let’s say, 500 more words. And I will explain to you why I think you should stay. And for the sake of BBC balance (Big Bear Communications balance, in this case), why I think you should unsubscribe. Deal? Deal, Noel.

The lesser-known, green bear


For those lucky few who’s ears I haven’t chewed off about this, Northern Bear is setting it’s sites not on 2020, but 2021 and where we want to be as an agency. By 2021, we want to be the most sustainable design and branding agency in the UK. 

Ambitious, yes. Impossible, no. 

And we’ve already made a start. As mentioned in our previous blog post, print demand is on the rise and we’ve been on the hunt for more sustainable solutions to cater for this demand. A combination of green machines, sustainably sourced stock and carbon neutral delivery put a big tick next on our list of things to do.

Then we came to consider the digital side of things. Well, surely that’s easy. Digital is already sustainable, right? Well, as the brother of the literal inventor of the internet, Mike Berners-Lee, said in a recent Guardian article “the carbon footprint of IT is huge and growing.” So you may remember seeing footers at the bottom of an email imploring you to not print the thing out to save the trees. Well, the email itself made a carbon-contribution all of its own. 

“When you press send it goes through the network, and it takes electricity to run the network. And it’s going to end up being stored on the cloud somewhere, and those data centres use a lot of electricity. We don’t think about it because we can’t see the smoke coming out of our computers…”

A small action to cut carbon


And this is the crux of it. The email we have sent you has a carbon footprint. But we believe what we’re sending to you is going to be a story worth sharing. Something of value. And going forward, we hope that the lessons we learn as an agency is something we can pass onto those who also want to be more sustainable and work with more ‘sustainably minded’ people. 

As brother Berners-Lee puts it “When we take a small action to cut carbon, it’s a message to yourself that you care about the climate emergency.”

So here’s the button and your choice to make a small action and have a positive effect on the climate. Unsubscribe or, just an idea, share this article and its message with someone who also cares about sustainability and let us share our journey with them too. 

Thanks for reading.

Michael Delaney, Care Bear.  

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