Author: Emily S. Hicks


Demystifying design: Fonts, typefaces and the anatomy of type

The role of typography in design and branding cannot be overstated. As a Graphic Designer, I’ve always been intrigued by the details that define the visual language of fonts, but I’m also very aware of how baffling it can be. This is why, if you read my blog about Comic Sans, you’ll know how using the wrong typeface can cause undesirable effects. So, I have tried to demystify the world of type and shed light on the subtle yet significant aspects that shape the art and science of typography.

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Illustrations of a Furby, Tamagotchi and VHS tape. Celebrating 90s classics.

Defending Comic Sans: a design underdog and 90s classic

In the vast world of typography, one font often finds itself at the centre of controversy and ridicule – Comic Sans. Widely criticised for its perceived lack of sophistication, Comic Sans has become the underdog of fonts, enduring endless jokes and memes. However, I’m here to present the case for the defence. Let’s take a moment to appreciate this unconventional typeface and consider the reasons why it shouldn’t be dismissed outright.

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A creative adventure at the Birmingham Design Festival

I recently attended the Birmingham Design Festival, a creative adventure that left me buzzing with fresh ideas and inspiration. The festival spanned two days, the first filled with workshops and the second took the form of a conference held at The Rep Theatre in Birmingham. I had the opportunity to listen to a fantastic lineup of speakers from diverse creative backgrounds, making it an unforgettable experience.

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Growing up gracefully

Rebranding is a healthy, even necessary, part of the evolution of a charity’s identity and personality – and charities are seeing it boost awareness and fundraising.

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The Bear Cave will be closed between December 23rd to January 1st

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