Webflow Conf 2023 – Summary

Create better websites, more quickly and efficiently, with advanced design features, localisation tools, improved collaboration capabilities, and the next generation of Webflow Apps.
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It’s been a decade since Webflow first unveiled itself to the web design and development industry. In that time, there has been a dramatic shift in how we, as agencies and freelancers, have gone about the task of building a website. No-Code or Low-Code solutions are grabbing a massive market share with tools like Webflow, Framer and Elementor making it much easier to achieve a design-led approach in your end-to-end process. 

This year at Webflow Conf 2023, the company has shown off a rebrand and announced a new set of features that will enable teams to build even more advanced sites for their clients and organisations.

Here is a quick overview of the new Webflow:

  • Increased capabilities: Webflow will now have native integration with Spline and new localization capabilities.
  • More control: Webflow will offer unprecedented control over styling with modern and scalable design systems. With updated scale values and 
  • Expanded ecosystem: Webflow Apps will unlock new functionalities and provide a platform for developers to build on.
  • Improved collaboration: Dedicated workflows for commenting, editing, and publishing will help teams of all sizes build better together.
  • Fresh new look: Webflow has also unveiled a fresh new look, both inside and outside the product, along with a brand new logo. Learn more here.

These new features will help Webflow users to build more powerful, user-friendly, and visually appealing websites than ever before.

Learn more about what went on at Webflow Conf 2023 here.

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