Charity website audit

Find out how hard your website is working for you, and where you can make improvements to level up your charity website.

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What’s a charity website audit?

Our website audits are designed to show you how your website is currently performing for 
your charity. Good websites enhance your charity offering by providing informing and 
educating visitors, giving them ways to participate or acting as a tool for donations.

We’ll also give you some tips and suggestions on how you can improve your site, 
so it works harder for your charity.

We review 4 key areas

Does it work?

This is the technical side of your site - we’re looking for quick load speeds, security, no broken links, accessibility, responsiveness - is your site set up so it works well for all users?

Can you find it?

Is your site set up for, and performing well in SEO scores - are you appearing on search engines for the service you offer?

Is it easy to use?

When someone lands on your site, they need to be able to quickly find and access the info they want. Does your site make it easy for them to do that?

Does it look good?

As you’d expect, this is about having a site that looks great, and instils trust. We’re looking for good imagery, consistency, responsiveness and generally good aesthetics.

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How do we score your site?

Your site will be scored against the 4 key pillars of every charity website;


People are coming to your site to get information about the service(s) you provide, events you’re running, the organisation itself, or a specific problem they’re having that you may be able to solve.


Your sites visitors are coming to your site to learn more about a specific topic – e.g. the symptoms of an illness, how to treat a specific condition, or where to get support.


Fairly obvious, but these people want to give money, or items to your charity via your website


Your supporters want to know how they can get involved in the activities and events you’re running, or wish to volunteer their time to your organisation.

This is usually part of the audit process, but if you want to see how hard your site is working against these key pillars, complete this quick 5-minute survey and find out instantly!

Is there any guidance on how we can improve our site?

Of course! Every audit comes with tips and suggestions on how you can improve any area of your site that is underperforming. We grade each improvement on a difficulty basis, so you can get to work with the simpler elements, and investigate how to improve the harder tasks.

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