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A meet up for people and businesses interested in living a cleaner, more sustainable life.


Northern Bear is on a mission to do more good in the world. We hope this helps us stand out in the short term, inspires others in the medium term, and becomes the norm in the long term.

Starting this mission means starting without knowing everything. It means going back to the basics of redefining our values, looking at how we do things day today, and finding ways to collaborate effectively to meet our end goal.


Extinction Rebellion & Sisters Against Plastic
Episode 2 | Eco-Logical

While most people repeat the same New Years Resolution – go to the gym, read more, get eight hours sleep a night – two sisters from Birmingham had other priorities.

Their New Year’s Resolution was to cut down on the amount of plastic in their households, and prove what can be done as a consumer by making an active choice. Find out how they got on.

For better or for worse, Extinction Rebellion (XR) has been making headlines this past year.

With their latest protest in the calendar for May later this year, we’ll get a glimpse inside the organisation that is apparently ‘bringing London to a halt’. Does XR’s efforts raise the profile of our need to act on climate change, or undermine the cause through their tactics?

What happened at Ecological 1?

Episode 1
Matt Verney & Chris Rushbrooke


Matt joined us from First Mile, a green recycling company on a mission to revolutionise waste and recycling for businesses. They’ve pioneered some awesome tech, to help deliver a hassle-free, reliable service that is good for their customers and the planet. 

Chris is Chief Bear at Northern Bear, a creative agency wanting to do thing a bit differently, by doing good in the work they do, both for their clients, and in the stuff they do independently. In this episode, Chris talk about his own journey into plastic and recycling and the challenges that came up along the way.

Top tips from Eco-logical 1

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