Some ideas and inspiration on how to get involved!

Share on social


Tag, share, comment or like a post from a charity and help them to spread their message. Use #givebackfriday

Unwanted items


Have a sweep round your home and bag up any old or unwanted items and donate them to your local charity shop

At work 

Organise a coffee morning, a whip round, dress down friday, or a slipper day to raise money for a local charity

Take on a challenge

Run, walk, eat abstain, jump or play – do something and ask people to sponsor you in aid of a charity close to your heart, or your home



It costs nothing to give your time. There are SO many ways to get involved with charities through volunteering. Get in touch with them today, and see how you can get involved.

Attend an event


There are hundreds of charity events taking place today (and every day). look up what’s happening in your area and pop along

Food banks


Grab a few tins, a pack of pasta or some gravy granules from your cupboard and drop it to your local foodbank today to help put a meal on someone else’s table tonight


A new way to volunteer is growing, which enables you to give your time in 10-minute bursts, often from the comfort of your own home

Spread the word

Tell one person and share this post and help spread the word on Give Back Friday, and get everyone giving a bit back this year! Use #givebackfriday

Secret Santa

It’s simple – just like standard secret santa, but every gift has to come from a charity shop


Every year Black Friday & Cyber Monday dominate the landscape at the end of November.

With 33% of UK adults planning to spend this year and spending expected to top £4.8 BILLION pounds, it’s a huge event.

We want to get in on the act, but we want people to switch their focus and give their time and money (if they can afford it) to support charities as well and give those who need it the most a little bit of love.

That’s what Give Back Friday & Fiver Monday is all about!

Show your support however you can, but just make sure you get involved!

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