Good gifts


Corporate Gifting


Everyone’s done the awkward office secret Santa where you have to buy a gift for someone you barely know! Why not change it up this year and pool the office money for a good cause. As well as the bonding feel good factor, the obvious PR win and the fact you don’t have to find out what Jane from accounts wants for Christmas, you are also helping fantastic causes. It could range from building a library in Africa to helping destroy weapons and unexploded mines from recent war zones.

Buy a homeless dog Christmas dinner


Birmingham Dog’s Home is asking us to dig (not very) deep this year and give a homeless dog a hot dinner on Christmas day (and every day). The campaign has LOADS of ways to give, suitable for every budget. From one-off donations of £1 to Fair Trade tees, Christmas decorations and monthly subscriptions.

Good Gifts 


Instead of getting someone a useless gift that they don’t want this year think about those that really need it. Good Gifts is a great website that has hundreds of great causes from a haircut for someone homeless or a beauty treatment for a woman in a refuge, all the way to training an African eye surgeon. The great part about it is that you see exactly where your money is going and are able to gift in other peoples names so they receive a post card explaining the cause they have helped! It makes for a truly memorable and thoughtful gift at a time often littered with gross indulgence.

Red Nelly

Treat your best furry little pal to a handmade natural grooming product, an eco toy or a natural treat whilst supporting the save our spaniels charity

Choose Love


The Choose Love store sells real products for refugees – get involved and get a secret Santa gift for a child this Christmas

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