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Helping a mental health charity to create a legacy for a research project led by young people with a lived experience of mental health conditions.

The Thrive Report was researched and written by young people with a lived experience of mental health conditions designed to help young people thrive in the workplace

We helped the team of young people to create a suite of materials and resource designed to help employers and employees to reach the ‘thrive standard’ of mental health awareness and practice in their places of work.

What did we do?



 We facilitated a workshop the team to understand the project further and to help them to shape the final report and what should be in the legacy suite of materials


  • Edited the Thrive Report to give is a cohesive and considered style
  • Guided the team through the process of creating the Thrive standards


  • Designed a suite of 10 booklets and leaflets to support the legacy project
  • Designed and built a website to house the thrive report and to share the resources of the project.
  • Print management of Report and supporting materials
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