CATTS is a cancer awareness charity, based in Manchester who focus on raising awareness and increasing early detection of cancer in young adults.

CATTS started life as a university society, which has now grown to be a bona-fide charity which spans much of the North of England and is looking to continue that expansion.

The brand was in need of a little love and the website wasn’t really suitable anymore, so we worked with Seren, Alice & the wider team to improve the branding as to completely overhaul the website.

The resulting brand and site are really impressive and should help CATTS on their next phase of growth as a young, fun and ambitious charity, doing loads of good in the world.

Take a look at the site here

What did we do?



We’ve created the entire strategy for GoodStitch. Powered by social media and with traffic driven by both the brand and the charity partners, this combination should prove successful in delivering high volume and high sales.

Branding, Design & Web

How GoodStitch looks is our work from start to finish. From identity concepts, right through to the social media posts, we’ve created every single thing.

Product Design

As part of the process, we work with GoodStitch and their charity partners to create the designs that go on the tees for both the GoodStitch brand and their charity partners. It’s great fun an they look good too.

How it looks

Here’s some of the development work that went into the CATTS new look and feel as well as a look at some pages from the final site 

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