Creating a brand, strategy, full suite of comms materials, e-commerce site and campaigns for a charity focused fashion brand

GoodStitch CIC is a sustainable fashion brand who have created a zero-cost clothing platform for charities.

They sell bespoke designed clothing with 65% of the profit of the company being invested to supporting the charity community. 

Their charity collaboration collections see’s 60% of the profit going direct to charity partners. 

It’s a superb idea and, in our humble opinion – it look incredible, too!

Take a look at the site here

What did we do?



We’ve created the entire strategy for GoodStitch. Powered by social media and with traffic driven by both the brand and the charity partners, this combination should prove successful in delivering high volume and high sales.

Branding, Design & Web

How GoodStitch looks is our work from start to finish. From identity concepts, right through to the social media posts, we’ve created every single thing.

Product Design

As part of the process, we work with GoodStitch and their charity partners to create the designs that go on the tees for both the GoodStitch brand and their charity partners. It’s great fun an they look good too.

How it looks

Here are a few examples of some of the work we’ve done with GoodStitch to get their brand, website and communications looking tip-top.

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