Pathway Project


Creating a small, localised campaign to raise awareness for domestic abuse goes NUTS and reaches 12million people!

Pathway Project asked us to help them to frame some research in a way that would create impact and raise awareness and request for support during the 2018 World Cup.

The resulting piece of work went viral, with some incredible stats, facts and figures to back it up. Most importantly, the campaign worked and Pathway Project saw a huge increase in support request from men and women.

Anecdotally, the campaign also raised requests for support at lots of other similar organisations across the UK.

What did we do?



We held a workshop with several of the stakeholder in the project including Staffordshire police to discuss the issues, explore the research and agree on messaging


We created a suite of messaging for the campaign as well as copy for more specific trade activity


We created a key visual for the campaign with the lead messaging and then rolled that out to several pieces of print & digital media


You can’t MAKE a campaign go viral, but you can create something that tells a truth in a compelling and impactful way to give it a chance of picking up some attention.

Boy, did this campaign pick up some attention!

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