PawPrint Brand Rollout – Trails W Fold Mockup copy

Strategy, branding and product design for an awesome family business geared up to bring adventure to all kids in the UK.

We started working with Charlotte & Jamie in 2018 to help with shaping their business strategy to enable them to achieve their ambitious plans to grow over a 5-year period. The ideas were all there, and superb, but the map to get from where they were to where they wanted to be wasn’t quite in the same place. 

Over the following 20 months we’ve helped them to define themselves, refine their strategy, create a superb new brand and launch 2 brand new products and 3 new sub-brands. 

We’ve all been busy.

What did we do?

PPB - Overview


We worked with the team at Pawprint over a 4-month period to help them define their values and create a 5-year plan to grow their business. Over the 5 year period, there will be 4 new product launches as well as over 200 new additions to their product inventory, not to mention the 1000’s of new activity ideas for kids to enjoy.


We created a suite of messaging for the campaign as well as copy for more specific trade activityThis wasn’t as simple as a new identity, this was creating a brand-new hierarchy, with a masterbrand and 5 sub-brands. All needing to work together, but standalone as well.

Oh – did I mention these guys like bold colours. Have you ever tried to pick 5 bold colours that match? Us either – it was good fun though.

The result was a new brand packed with the same fun and personality as the owners and their products. Fun, striking and actually pretty smart.

Product Design

The first phase of the rollout was to launch 2 brand new products, each with an initial 5 variants. And 12 more colours added to the fray!

Tales – a range of illustrated books following Alfie (a gorgeous lab) on his adventures around the UK with some of our most famous historical figures.

Trails – a range of fact-finding trails around some of the UK’s most wonderful cities with clues and maps and puzzle page answers. The trickiest part was creating a way to package up the trails in a way that meant we could maximise the customisation of each trail, but keep the costs sensible. We created a pretty awesome sleeve to do the job.

How it looks

These are some of our favourite bits n bobs from this mega fun project.

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