The guys at Proteinium already had a pretty cool brand and a very striking packaging, but it needed to be reimagined to make it both more appealing to a wider audience and also to make it work harder at the all important point of purchase.

We renamed the product, redesigned the packs and reviewed and improved the messaging hierarchy to give consumers more direction on what is actually inside the packs as well as ensuring that the key messages and product benefits are front and centre.

The brief also entailed the introduction of a new flavour in the Protein Crunch range, as well as a brand new product, in Protein Popcorn. We worked with the team at Proteinium to create a strong and bold brand and colour palette for these new products which would identify them as part of the same brand, but with their own distinct identity. On top of all of this, the new styling needed which to be flexible enough to enable further expansion into new products and categories in the future.

We’re excited to see where the brand goes, with ambitious plans in place for the future, Proteinium is a brand on the move!


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