QEII Centre

Making one of the UK’s top conference centre events look stunning!

We’ve worked with QEII for 3 years now and the work we do for them is some of the most varied and fun stuff we do.

One that stands out as particularly enjoyable was the creation of a HUGE 15 x 6 metre crazy golf course in the shape of the QEII logo.

The brief was 1 piece of A4, which listed a variety of stats and facts about the centre.

All they wanted from us, was the create a crazy golf course, in the shape of the QEII logo that communicated it all. Easy – right!

What did we do?


‘Course Design’

A new one for us – we created the layout for a 9-hole crazy golf course.

We divided the course into 3 sections – The Centre, The People & The Planet.

Graphic Design

We designed the 9-hole crazy golf course, with was then printed and applied to wooden frames to create the holes.

We also created more traditional elements for the event including the invitations, menu cards, digital screens, signage, emails and microsite.

Some other QEII Projects

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