Sidekick approached us with nothing more than a product offering and a loose marketing plan currently on the table. No name, no brand, no nothing.

We started by running a workshop with the key stakeholders during which we facilitated the group in identifying the guiding principles of the company, what they stand for and who the key target audiences are for the company. We reviewed the finance market as a whole and used the research to identify likes, dislikes and gaps within the market to help us to create a unique but relevant identity. We also used this session to create the brand name, a key request from the company for the output of this session. From this workshop Sidekick was born.

Following the brand workshop, we created a document outlining our recommendation on what the company’s guiding principles should be and who the target customers are. From this, we created the brands new proposition and supporting strapline.

Following sign off on the brand essence document, we commenced work on the brand identity, exploring numerous versions, and how each version would ‘come to life’ as pieces of marketing communication, demonstrating how the identity would transfer to the final output.

With the agreed identity we set about rolling out the brand across the marketing collateral required for the launch including stationery, brochures, web design and build and event material.

From start to finish, the project took just 8 weeks to complete, which we were pretty pleased with, and so was the client;

‘We are more than happy with what you have delivered for us. You’ve exceeded our expectations every step of the way! Every element from design to execution has been fantastic. We look forward to working with you on our future projects.’ Becci Wilson, Partner

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