Flux Rotherham Branding

Client: Flux Rotherham
Project type: Branding, Design
We were commissioned to create a brand that reflected the town, its heritage and culture and delivered against the objectives of transforming the image and positioning of Rotherham at a local, national & international level.

The process

One of the key elements of this brief was to engage with young people from the town, which led to us carrying out 4 focus groups in the Arts College. 

Each workshop was designed to understand the young people’s perceptions of the town and to uncover what their aspirations and dreams were for a Rotherham with Arts & Culture at its heart.

These workshops, along with a survey on social media informed the design development of the brand, especially the inspiration for the colour palette, and the juxtaposition of the sharp angular logo alongside the colourful, organic ‘blobs’ (a loving term), which reflect the juxtaposition of the town’s industrial heritage with the open countryside that surrounds it on all but one on the town’s borders.

The results

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