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Want to know what it’s like in the day of the life of a Digital bear? Wondering what our Digi crew does when they squirrel away behind the scenes? Find out here!
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Hi there! I’m Morgan and I am Digital Bear here at the Northern Bear.

I started working here in February 2022 and have fallen in love with the role and company. I focus on all things web, and my days can look a lot different depending on the projects going on.

So here it is, a day in the life of a Digital Bear.

The mornings

I begin my mornings at 8 am. I make myself a HUGE mug of coffee, settle in front of my mac and make my to-do list for the day. As simple as they are, I have found lists SUPER helpful for my productivity. The instant gratification of slowly working your way through the list fills me with motivation. It’s important when doing those lists to be kind to yourself. It’s not about the amount you don’t get done, it’s about the amount you did!

At 9 am, my real workday begins. I start by checking my mattermost – it’s like slack but more ‘developer’ driven – checking emails, checking the studio, and adding anything else to my to-do list. I then check our snagging documents from our clients and check that nothing broke overnight. I’ll never forget coming to work and finding out that the google servers were melting because it was so hot, so as of then, anything is possible!

A new part of my routine is checking our social media – specifically Facebook Messager as our new fancy plugin means you can message us directly from our website (it’s the little green chat bubble in the bottom right corner!)

After getting set up and ready for the day, it’s usually around half 9-ish and it’s time to work through my big ol’ list.

Depending on the projects at the time, depends on what I’ll have scheduled. It can be as little as changing a word on a page or as big as tackling a whole new web build. It sounds cliché, but no two days are the same in terms of what’s on the agenda.

The afternoons

After lunch, I check my to-do list to see what I have left. I’ll choose a couple of easy wins to get myself back into a workflow. By this point, most clients that need our help have gotten in contact. I make sure to check my emails once again and re-evaluate my plan for the day if needed.

At around 3 pm, I tend to feel a bit tired. Especially when working from home, it is important that you get up and move about to keep those energy levels up. My preferred way of waking up a bit is to go a open a window to let some fresh air in and get a cold glass of water, an iced coffee, or in my case, a nice refreshing can of Monster. After that boost of energy, I get back to work!

I finish my workday around 5 / 5:30 pm – it varies from day to day depending on how much is left on my to-do list. I then spend about 10 minutes getting my thoughts together for the next day. I’ll write down any ideas or to-dos I might need to remember. I remove any mugs or cups that might be on my desk and give them a good wipe for a fresh start tomorrow.

My set up

Okay, let’s address the elephant in the room. If you saw the hero image of this blog, you will see triple monitors. I need a set-up that allows me to look at as much information as possible. This can be for wire-framing and sitemaps, so I can reference research material and brief documents. It can help so that I can have the UI and any additional notes open whilst building a website in elementor. In my opinion, the monitors i have, the more productive I can be. Especially when those monitors can house the plethora of tabs I have open!

Summary of any tips and tricks

The main tricks that help me get through my day are:

  1. Write a to-do list – no job too big or too small. Rack up some easy wins to get the motivation going and be proud of all the things you did on the list
  2. Get moving – you don’t have to go on an hour run, just a pace around your space, with a nice cold drink does wonders for that midday energy boost
  3. Wipe a clean slate – set tomorrow you up for success by making sure the space is ready to be productive in

I hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know me a little bit more, and seeing what I get up to behind the scenes. It’s hard to predict exactly what is going to happen on my day to day, so setting these rituals and habits in place, can really help you feel productive!

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