The BIG charity website problem – information overload!

Most charities do loads of great stuff, have loads of brilliant information and want to tell everyone and anyone they can about it – as they should – it’s their reason for existing.
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The problem is, most people can’t process (and don’t want to know) everything, at least not straight away. Most people want to be given guidance on where they need to go to get the support or information they need in the most efficient way.

They’re usually on your site for a specific reason – whether that be to donate, to find out info, or find very well concealed contact info to complain about something or other 😉

Your website should be treated a bit like a reverse Russian doll – Each layer you uncover reveals something larger, more detailed, and infinitely more intriguing. That’s the essence of a well-crafted website’s content structure.

Let’s start with the homepage, the outermost (and smallest) doll in our analogy. It’s the welcoming committee, the ultimate signpost of the digital world. Here, visitors should find enough information to understand where they need to go next.

As users delve deeper, clicking through to subsequent pages (into bigger dolls), they’re essentially giving you a nod of approval, a silent ‘go-ahead’ to reveal more – this is when you can start to up the word count with that wonderful info and knowledge.

Remember, every layer of content is a step further into your charity. It’s an opportunity to engage, inform, and connect. Like the Russian dolls, each layer is integral, but it’s the complete set that tells the whole story.

Your charity website should not just be a collection of pages but a journey of discovery to drive awareness, empathy and trust. It should expand with each click, offering more substance, more detail, and more reasons for visitors to stay and explore. 🚀🎨

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